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BROWSER AND EMAIL BASICS Introduction to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Windows Live Mail
Browser and
Email Basics
Introduction to Microsoft Internet
Explorer and Microsoft Windows
Live Mail
Session 1
• Describe the Internet and
the Web
• Search the Internet using a
search engine
• Navigate to Web pages using
tabbed browsing
• Explore the Favorites Center
• Save a Web Slice
• Print and save a Web page
Case | McKiernan’s Irish B&B
Session 2
• Describe email and email
• Send, receive, reply to, and
delete email using Windows
Live Mail
• Manage contacts in Windows
Live Mail
• Add an attachment to an email
• Set an appointment with
Windows Live Calendar
Susan McKiernan and her husband, Preston, moved to Lewistown,
Pennsylvania from Ireland several years ago. In Ireland, Susan’s
family ran a bed-and-breakfast (B&B) inn, and eager to start her own
business, Susan decided to open a B&B in Lewistown.
Currently, most of the inn’s customers are referred by word of
mouth. However, Susan and Preston have decided to try to expand
their customer base using the Internet. They recently hired a
marketing fi rm, Capital Ads Online, to help them achieve this goal. Next
week, Susan, who will be responsible for managing the inn’s Web
site, will meet with Martha Kent from Capital Ads Online to discuss
the account. In preparation for the meeting, Martha suggested that
Susan view the design and layout of Web sites for other B&Bs to get
some ideas for her inn’s Web site. Martha also gave Susan her email
address so they can communicate electronically.
As an intern at the inn, you will help Susan prepare for her
meeting with Martha by researching B&Bs that have a presence on the
Internet. Because you have experience using the Internet and email,
Susan has asked you to teach her how to use Internet Explorer to
fi nd information. You’ll also show Susan how to use Windows Live
Mail to communicate with Martha.
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