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BROWSER AND EMAIL BASICS Introduction to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Windows Live Mail
Internet Explor er is a
Web browser —a
program that lo cates,
retrieves, and displays
Web pages.
The uniform resource
locator (URL) , the unique
address of a Web page,
appears in the Address bar.
The Favorites bar
contains buttons for Web
slices and links to Web
pages you view often.
The Tab List button
provides a list of Web
pages currently
available as tabs.
The Favorites Center
displays links to your
favorite Web sites, Web
feeds, and recently
visited Web pages.
The Quick Tabs button
displays a thumbnail view
of Web pages currently
available as tabs.
A Web page is a
specially formatted
document, created
with a programming
language, with
information suitable for
display on the Internet
through a browser. The
Web page that opens
when you first start
your browser is called
the home page . The
default home page for
Internet Explorer is, shown here.
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