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BROWSER AND EMAIL BASICS Introduction to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Windows Live Mail
A feed , also known as an RSS (Really
Simple Syndication) feed , is
frequently updated Web site content,
such as news or blogs, delivered
directly to your browser when you
are connected to the Internet.
Click the Search button
arrow to select a search
engine , such as Bing, to
quickly find Web pages
that match search criteria
entered in the Search box.
Tabbed browsing allows you
to open multiple Web pages
in a single browser window.
The Comman d bar
provides access to Web
feeds, printing options,
and window
management tasks.
Enter a word or expression in
the Search box to find
topic-related Web pages.
A hyperlink (or link ) is text or
a graphic in a Web document
that connects to another part
of the document or a
different Web document.
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