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Entering a URL in the Address Bar
Opening Tabs for Browsing
• Go to a Web site you want to explore.
• Press and hold the Ctrl key.
• Click a link on the page to open a new Web page on a new tab.
• Click the New Tab button, which appears to the right of the open tabs.
• In the Address box, enter the URL for the Web address you want to visit, and then
press the Enter key.
Next, you’ll show Susan how to switch between Web pages using tabs.
To browse the Web pages using tabs:
1. Point to the Places To Stay tab on the PA Great Outdoors Visitors Bureau Web
page, and then click Bed & Breakfasts .
2. Scroll down to locate a B&B that you want to visit again, but do not click the Web
address. Instead, you will open the Web page on a new tab.
3. Press and hold the Ctrl key and click the Web address link. The next open tab
indicates that the browser is connecting to the Web page.
Make sure you press the
Ctrl key before clicking
the Web page.
4. Click the new tab to display the Web page. When the connection is complete, the
name of the Web page appears on the tab. The first tab is still displayed.
5. Click the Bed & Breakfasts − Great Outdoors tab, and then scroll down the
page to find another B&B Web site you want to visit.
6. Press and hold the Ctrl key and click the link to open another Web page.
Trouble? If the new Web page opens on the current tab, click the Back button
to return to the page, and then repeat Step 6.
7. Click the new tab, then move between the other pages by clicking their tabs.
8. Click the Tab List button to display a list of Web pages currently open in tabs.
9. Click the Quick Tabs button
to switch to thumbnail view. See Figure 1.
Figure 1
Thumbnail view of the open Web pages displayed on separate tabs
Quick Ta bs button
click to close a tab
Tab List button
thumbnails of
open pages; the
thumbnails in your
Quick Tabs view
might be different
© Courtesy of Pennsylvania Great Outdoors Visitors Bureau, Faircroft Bed & Breakfast, and Mitchell Ponds Inne.
10. Click the Bed & Breakfasts − Great Outdoors thumbnail to return to that page.
Trouble? If there is no thumbnail image of the Bed & Breakfasts − Great
Outdoors Web page, click one of the existing thumbnails.
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