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Using the Favorites Center
Using the Favorites Center
Internet Explorer brings together the Web pages you have recently visited and the pages
you go to on a regular basis in one central location—the Favorites Center, shown in the
Session 1 Visual Overview. Here you can see what Web pages you have visited during
your current session or over an extended period of time, using the History list. You can
maintain a list of favorite Web pages that you visit often or that you need for work or
research. You can also have the most up-to-date information downloaded to your
computer without having to search for the information, using the RSS Feed feature.
Using the History List
The History list tracks the Web pages you visit over a certain time period, not just
during a browsing session. The History list contains the URLs for the Web sites and pages
that you have visited. To display the History list, you open the Favorites Center and then
click the History button. To return to a page, click that home page’s entry in the list for a
particular day, and then click the URL to revisit a specifi c page on that site. By default, the
entries in the History list are organized into date folders (Today, Yesterday, Two Weeks ago,
and so on). Within each date folder, there is a folder for every Web site you visited. Within
each site folder, the Web pages you visited appear in alphabetic order.
After you close your
browser, the pages you
visited are not available
via the tabs or Back and
Forward buttons.
To view the History list:
1. Click the Favorites button on the Favorites bar, and then click the History tab to
open the History list in the Favorites Center, if necessary.
2. If necessary, click Today to expand that folder. A list of Web sites you visited today
appears in alphabetic order, with a separate folder for each site. See Figure 2.
Figure 2
History list
Favorites button on
the Favorites bar
History list; yours
will be different
To delete a History list,
click the Safety button on
the Command bar, and
then click Delete Browsing
History. Select the items
you want to delete, and
then click the Delete
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3. Click a folder for a Web site to display an alphabetic list of Web pages you have
visited on that site today.
4. Click a Web page in the folder to return to that page.
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