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Using the Favorites List
Using the Favorites List
Web addresses can be very long and, as a result, diffi cult to remember. In Internet
Explorer, you can save the URL of a Web site as a favorite in the Favorites list , a feature
that you can use to store and organize a list of Web pages you want to revisit and keep
available in the Favorites Center. Next, you will save a Web page as a favorite and pin
the Favorites Center, so it stays open until you choose to close it.
To save a Web page as a favorite:
1. Display a Web page that you want to save as a favorite.
2. Click the Favorites button, and then click the Add to Favorites button. The Add
a Favorite dialog box opens. See Figure 3. The text in the Name box is the name
of the currently displayed Web page, as it appears in the Internet Explorer title
bar. You can change the name of the favorite, but be sure to give it a meaningful
name. The Create in box displays the name of the folder in which the favorite will
be stored—the Favorites folder, by default. You can select a different folder by
clicking the Create in arrow and choosing another folder or by clicking the New
Folder button to create a new Favorites folder.
To save a group of tabs as
a favorite, click the Add
to Favorites button arrow
in the Favorites Center,
click Add Current Tabs to
Favorites, enter a name for
the group, and then click
the Add button.
Figure 3
Add a Favorite dialog box
click to select an
existing Favorites folder
click to create
a new Favorites
click to add a Web p age
to a Favorites folder
3. Type a new name for the Web site in the Name box, and then click the Add
button to save the Web site as a favorite. The Add a Favorite dialog box closes.
4. Click the Favorites button, and then click the Favorites tab. The favorite you just
created appears in the Favorites list. Saving Web sites as favorites is easy and will
come in handy as you gather more information. However, a long list of favorites
might become difficult to manage. To address this problem, you can create
folders to organize and store multiple favorites.
To delete a favorite,
right-click the item in
the Favorites list, and
click Delete on the
shortcut menu.
5. Click the Pin the Favorites Center button to keep the Favorites Center open.
To accommodate the display of the Favorites Center, the Web page moves to the
right (see the Session 1 Visual Overview).
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