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Subscribing to an RSS Feed
Subscribing to an RSS Feed
Also available in the Favorites Center is the Feeds tab, which provides access to the
latest updates on news, sports, fi nance, music, and so on. A feed, or RSS feed, delivers
frequently updated Web site content directly to your browser. A special program, called
a news reader application, checks for updates and duplicates that information on your
computer when you initially request, or refresh, the feed. If a Web page provides an
RSS feed, the orange Feeds button appears on the Command bar. If there is no feed,
the button is gray or might be replaced by the green Web Slice button, discussed next.
If you want information automatically downloaded to your computer, you subscribe
to the feed (most are free). With Internet Explorer 8, several MSN sites are listed as
favorites and as feeds by default. You want to show Susan the feeds so that she can ensure she
has the latest information.
To view and refresh stored feeds:
1. Click the Feeds tab in the Favorites Center, and then click the Microsoft Feeds
2. Point to the feed you want to refresh, and then click the Refresh this feed
button to the right of the feed name. Refreshing the feed will ensure that the
latest information is displayed.
3. Click the Close button
to close the Favorites Center.
Next, you’ll show Susan another way of getting information quickly in Internet
Explorer 8: Web Slices.
Saving Web Slices
Any type of frequently changing information such as temperatures, sports scores, and
stock quotes can be a Web Slice. A Web Slice is a portion, or “clipping,” of a Web page
that is frequently updated. Similar to an RSS feed, the Web Slice information is delivered
directly to your browser; however, with a Web Slice, you do not have to refresh the feed.
You subscribe to a Web Slice, and the Web Slice automatically provides the most current
data from that source.
When a Web page contains a Web Slice, the Add Web Slices button appears on the
Command bar. If you want to receive ongoing updates to that information, you can add
a Web Slice to your Favorites bar. Click the Add Web Slices button on the Command bar
or click the Web Slice icon that appears next to the content on the Web page. After you
subscribe to a Web Slice, it appears on the Favorites bar. The Web Slice name becomes
bold when the related information, such as the temperature, changes. You just click the
bold Web Slice name to see up-to-date information from the full Web page.
Susan wants up-to-date reports on Lancaster County weather because guests often ask
about the weather as they plan their day trips there. You’ll show her how to add a Web
Slice to the Favorites bar that provides current Lancaster County weather information.
To add a Web Slice for Lancaster PA weather:
1. Click the Home button on the Command bar to display the main page.
Trouble? If is not your browser’s home page, click the Address bar,
type , and then press the Enter key.
2. Click in the Bing Search box at the top of the page, type Lancaster
PA weather , and then press the Enter key. A list of links to Web pages about
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