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Printing and Saving a Web Page
Lancaster weather appears on a new Web page. Note that the Add Web Slices
button has appeared on the Command bar because the search results page
contains a Web Slice.
3. Point to the first result in the list to display a Web Slice icon
4. Click the Web Slice icon
next to the first result in the list (or click the Add
Web Slices button
on the Command bar). A dialog box for adding a Web Slice
opens. See Figure 4.
Figure 4
Dialog box for adding a Web Slice
click for more information
on Web Slices
click to add the Web Slice
to the Favorites bar
5. Click the Add to Favorites Bar button. A new button appears on the Favorites
bar for the Weather in Lancaster Web Slice.
6. Click the Weather in Lancaster button on the Favorites bar to display a preview
of the Web Slice in its own window.
Trouble? If the Favorites bar is not displayed, click the Tools button on the
Command bar, point to Toolbars, and then click Favorites bar.
7. To close the Web Slice window, press the Esc key, or click elsewhere in the
Internet Explorer window.
Before ending the current browser session, Susan would like to revisit the Web site of
one of the B&Bs and print a copy of its home page. She also would like to save the home
page as a reminder of the kinds of images she wants to use in the marketing campaign.
Printing and Saving a Web Page
You can make a printed copy of most Web pages. If you want to print a Web page using
your computer’s default print settings, you can click the Print button on the Command
bar. If you want to change the settings, you must open the Print dialog box.
To print the Web page for a bed-and-breakfast:
1. Display the home page of one of the bed-and-breakfasts.
2. Click the Print button arrow
on the Command bar, and then click Print to
open the Print dialog box.
3. Confirm that the printer you want to use is selected and that the All option button
is selected in the Page Range section. Set the number of copies to 1.
4. Click the Print button to print the Web page and close the Print dialog box.
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