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Sending and Receiving Email Using Windows Live Mail
Trouble? If the Add an E-mail Account dialog box opens, enter your email
address, your password, and the name you want to be displayed on-screen. Click
the Next button, and then click the Finish button when the account has been
successfully created.
Trouble? If you don’t see the default folders in the Folders pane, click the small
to the left of your account name to display them.
As soon as you log in to Windows Live Mail, you will immediately know if you have
mail by the number that appears to the left of the Inbox. Now, you will show Susan how
to send and receive email by sending a practice email to yourself.
To create and send a practice email message:
1. Click the New button on the toolbar to open an empty message window, and
then click the Maximize button
. See Figure 5.
Figure 5
New Message window
click t he Send
button to send
your message
type the recipient’s email
address in the To box
type your
message in the
message area
include a subject
that desc ribes the
message content
click to display Cc
and Bcc boxes
under the To box
2. Type your email address in the To box. To send a message to more than one
recipient, type the additional addresses in the To box, using a comma or
semicolon to separate the addresses.
Trouble? Check with your instructor or technical support person if you are not
sure what email address you should enter.
3. Click in the Subject box, and then type Practice Test .
Click the Show Cc & Bcc
link to display boxes for
entering other email
addresses to send copies
(Cc) or blind copies (Bcc),
where the email address
is visible only to the
Bcc recipients.
4. Click in the message area, and then type This is just a practice test message.
5. Press the Enter key twice and type your name.
6. Click the Send button on the toolbar. The message is moved to the Outbox folder
before it is routed to the email server. Unless there is a problem, you probably
won’t notice this transmission; it occurs quickly.
When you click the Send button, Windows Live Mail moves your message from your
computer to your email server, which routes it to the recipient. It also keeps a copy of the
message in the Sent items folder, which you can open to see all the messages you have
sent or replied to.
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