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Deleting Email Messages
To reply to your practice email message:
If copies of the message
have been sent to more
than one person, you can
send a reply to all the
recipients by clicking the
Reply all button.
1. Make sure the Practice Test message is selected in the message list, and then click
the Reply button. The Re: Practice Test window opens.
2. With the insertion point in the message area, type This test was successful! See
Figure 7.
Figure 7
Replying to a message
rec ipient’s user name automatically
appears (your email address will
appear here on your screen)
subject automatically
appears, preceded
by Re:
type your reply here
original message is
included for reference
3. Click the Send button on the toolbar.
Reply vs. Reply All
After you read an email message, you might need or want to reply to it. Before you do,
carefully consider who actually needs to receive your reply, especially if the message was
sent to a large number of people. It’s important to use the Reply and Reply All features
appropriately. If not all message recipients need to read your reply, use the Reply
feature so that you do not clutter others’ inboxes unnecessarily. If it’s important that
everyone who received the original email remain in the “conversation” created by the
email chain, be sure to use the Reply All feature so that no one is left out by mistake.
Deleting Email Messages
After you read and respond to your messages, you should delete any message that you
no longer need. When you delete a message, it moves to the Deleted items folder.
To delete the response to your practice email message:
1. Click the Inbox folder, if necessary, and then click the Sync button on the toolbar.
Note that the icon for the Practice Test message you sent has changed again. It
now appears with an arrow, indicating that you have replied to this message.
2. Click the Re: Practice Test message, and then click the Delete button on the
toolbar. The message no longer appears in the message list.
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