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Adding Contacts to Your Contacts Folder
Just as your Inbox will accumulate lots of messages, your Deleted items folder will
too; therefore, you should empty the contents of this folder periodically. Doing so
permanently removes those items from your computer. To empty the Deleted items folder,
rightclick it in the Folders list, click Empty ‘Deleted items’ folder on the shortcut menu, and
then click the Yes button to confi rm the deletion. You can move a deleted message from
the Deleted items folder to another folder if you don’t want the message permanently
deleted; however, once the Deleted items folder is emptied, the message no longer exists
on your computer.
Adding Contacts to Your Contacts Folder
You can use your Contacts folder to keep track of all the people and organizations
with which you correspond electronically. In addition to storing email addresses, you
can keep all related information about your contacts in this folder. You can enter home
addresses, home phone numbers, business addresses, business phone numbers, and
personal information, such as anniversaries and birthdays. You can also add a photo of
the person if you want.
Adding a Contact to Your Contacts Folder
• Click Contacts in the Programs list of the Folder pane.
• Click the New button on the toolbar. The Add a Contact dialog box opens.
• Click Contact in the left pane, and enter contact information, such as first name, last
name, personal email address, work email address, and so on.
• Click the Primary e-mail address button, and then select the email address you want to
use as the default email address.
• Click the Add contact button, and then close the Windows Live Contacts window.
Because Susan will be meeting soon with Martha Kent of Capital Ads to discuss
marketing plans for the bed-and-breakfast, you’ll add Martha Kent to your Windows Live
Contacts window.
To add Martha Kent as a contact in your Contacts folder:
1. Click Contacts in the Programs list of the Folder pane. The Windows Live Contacts
window opens.
2. Click the New button on the toolbar to open the Add a Contact dialog box. The
form that appears by default is the Quick add form in which you can enter basic
contact information, which is useful for personal contacts. To add information
about a business contact, you might want to use a more extensive form. To save
email and business information for Martha Kent, you will use the Contact form.
3. Click Contact in the left pane to display the multiple fields in the Contact form.
4. Type Martha in the First name box, press the Tab key twice, and then type Kent
in the Last name box. For a contact who is a family member or a friend, you might
also want to enter a nickname, such as a first name. You should use the full name
of a business associate or professor.
Trouble? If you typed the contact information in the Quick add form instead of
the Contact form, click Contact in the left pane. The Contact form displays the
information you entered in the Quick add form.
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