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Attaching a File to a Message
5. Type in the Work e-mail box, and then click the
Primary e-mail address arrow , as shown in Figure 8.
Figure 8
Add a Contact dialog box for Martha Kent
click to selec t
another contact form
click to select default
email address
6. Click Work in the list to select Martha Kent’s work email address as the primary
(default) address, and then click the Add contact button. Martha Kent’s contact
information is displayed in the Contacts list. You can add new contacts, edit
existing ones, or delete contacts you no longer need using the buttons on the toolbar.
To print a list of contacts,
click Print on the toolbar,
select the All Contacts or
Selected Contacts option
button in the Print range
section, and specify the
print style as Memo or
Phone List.
7. Click the Close button
to close the Contact list and return to the Windows
Live Mail window.
Attaching a File to a Message
In one of their phone conversations, Martha suggested that Susan prepare a site
map, which is a document that lists the topics or titles of specifi c Web pages that the
McKiernans want to include on their Web site. Martha has requested that Susan send her
this information before they meet, so you will show Susan how to attach the site map fi le
to an email message.
To create a message and attach the site map to it:
1. Click the New button on the toolbar to compose a new message.
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