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Attaching a File to a Message
2. Type your email address (or the email address of a classmate if instructed to do
so) in the To box, and then type Site Map in the Subject box. If the name you are
entering as a recipient is listed in your Contacts list, the name appears just below
the To box as you are typing it, so you can click it to add the name as a recipient.
3. Click in the message area, type Hi Martha , press the Enter key twice, and then
type I have attached the site map you requested. Press the Enter key twice,
and then add your name at the end of the message.
4. Click the Attach button on the toolbar. The Open dialog box appears.
5. Navigate to the BEB\Tutorial folder provided with your Data Files, click
McKiernan Site Map.rtf in the file list, and then click the Open button. The file
attachment information appears under the subject, as shown in Figure 9.
Figure 9
Message with the site map fi le attached
click the Attach
button on the
toolbar to
attach a file
name and size of file
6. Click the Send button on the toolbar to send both the message and the
attached file.
When you receive a message that contains an attachment, you can choose to open or
save the attachment. To open the attachment, you need to make sure the program used
to create the attachment is installed on your computer. If the program is not installed,
sometimes you can use a text editor, such as WordPad or Notepad, to open and read the
attached fi le. The McKiernan Site Map fi le was created in WordPad.
To open the message containing the attachment:
1. Click Inbox in the Folder pane, and then click the Sync button on the toolbar, if
necessary. Click the Site Map message. The content of the message appears in
the Reading pane.
2. Right-click the McKiernan Site Map.rtf filename in the Reading pane to
display a shortcut menu that provides options for opening, printing, and saving the
3. Click Open on the shortcut menu. The Mail Attachment dialog box opens.
Windows Live Mail displays this dialog box not only to provide options for
opening the attachments, but also to warn you that attachments might contain viruses,
which could harm your computer. Only open or save files from trusted sources to
ensure that the files you download to your computer are safe and virus-free.
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