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Managing Your Schedule with Windows Live Calendar
4. Click the Open button. The file opens in the program in which it was created (in
this case, WordPad). By opening the file before saving it, you can read it first and
then decide if you want to save it.
Trouble? The McKiernan Site Map file might open in Microsoft Word if this
program is installed on your computer; this will not affect the remaining steps.
If you want to save the
attachment, click the Save
as button and navigate
to the folder in which you
want to save the file.
5. Click the Close button
to close the site map file. You return to the
Windows Live Mail window.
If you attach a large fi le to an email message, it might take a long time for your
recipient to download your message. Most email servers limit the size of the fi les you can
attach; some allow fi les no larger than 1 MB. Check with your correspondents before
sending large fi le attachments to fi nd out about size restrictions and to set up a
convenient time to send the attachment.
Windows Live Mail lets you avoid using attachments when you send photographs.
Instead of attaching photos, which usually are large fi les, you can click the Add photos
button in a New Message window to send thumbnails, which are smaller versions of your
photos. Recipients can then click the thumbnails to display larger versions of the photos.
Managing Your Schedule with Windows Live
Windows Live Calendar is a tool in Windows Live Mail that you use to schedule
appointments, track tasks, and stay on top of deadlines. Windows Live Calendar also lets you
schedule recurring events, such as weekly staff meetings, and set reminders so you don’t
miss an important appointment. When you schedule an event, Windows Live Calendar
blocks out the time in your schedule, helping you avoid scheduling confl icts. You can
schedule appointments, such as meetings, that occur for part of a day, or events, such as
conferences, that last 24 hours or longer. An appointment appears as a colored block in
your calendar, whereas an all-day event appears in a banner at the beginning of a day.
Susan is meeting with Martha at Capital Ads on Thursday of next week at 11:00 AM;
the meeting will be 1 and 1/2 hours long. You’ll schedule this appointment using
Windows Live Calendar.
To set the appointment using Windows Live Calendar:
1. Click Calendar in the Programs list of the Folder pane. The Calendar - Windows
Live Mail window opens, showing a calendar for the current day, week, or month.
2. Click the New button on the toolbar. The New Event dialog box opens, displaying
the details you can enter for the new appointment, such as subject, location, and
start and end dates and times.
3. Type Meeting with Martha Kent as the subject, press the Tab key, and then
enter Capital Ads in the Location box.
4. Click the Start arrow, and then click the date for this coming Thursday on the
5. Click the Start time box arrow , click 10:00 AM (scrolling down the list if
necessary), and then click the End time box arrow and select 11:30 AM . See
Figure 10.
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