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Session 2 Quick Check
Figure 10
Setting the appointment in Windows Live Calendar
set date and times
click to make the
appointment or
event recurring,
such as a monthly
staff meeting
click to set an
all-day event
6. Click the Save & close button on the toolbar. The title of the appointment
appears highlighted on the calendar. If this was an all-day event, the entire day
would be highlighted.
You’ve created an appointment for Susan’s meeting. She has other appointments she
wants to set up, but before she does, you’ll show Susan how she can print a copy of her
calendar using one of many formats—Day, Week, or Month.
To edit an appointment
already scheduled in the
calendar, double-click the
To print the calendar:
1. Click the Print button on the toolbar. The Print dialog box opens.
2. Make sure the printer you want to use is ready.
3. In the Print Style box, click Week .
4. In the Print Range section, use the Start arrow and End arrow to specify the
range of dates that includes the week in which you scheduled the meeting.
5. Click the OK button to print the calendar, and then close the calendar window to
close Windows Live Mail.
Susan is now confi dent in her ability to use both Windows Live Mail and the contacts
and calendar features to manage her bed-and-breakfast effi ciently.
Session 2 Quick Check
1. What is the role of an email server?
2. What are the default folders in Windows Live Mail?
3. Multiple email addresses in the To box must be separated by a(n)
or .
4. When you reply to an email message, what three actions does Windows Live
Mail automatically perform?
5. Describe how to enter contacts in your Contacts folder.
6. The Mail Attachment dialog box warns you about
, which could
be harmful to your computer.
7. How can you tell the difference between an appointment and an all-day event
scheduled in the Windows Live Calendar?
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