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Review Assignments
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There are no Data Files needed for the Review Assignments.
In preparation for her meeting with Martha Kent, Susan wants you to compile some
additional information about Web sites that specialize in Irish food, which she and Preston
want to feature at their B&B. Complete the following steps:
1. Start Internet Explorer, and then go to to explore this Web site
about Irish food. Which page provided the most helpful information?
2. Using a search engine, search for restaurants that serve Irish foods in Philadelphia or
Harrisburg. Visit the Web sites of at least three or four of the restaurants, and check
out their menus (if available).
3. Using tabbed browsing, revisit three of the Irish restaurant sites you liked the best
from Steps 1 and 2.
4. Display the Web pages you have open as thumbnails, and then go to the site you like
the best. Save the home page of this site as a Web archive fi le with the name Irish
Home Page.mht in the BEB\Review folder provided with your Data Files.
5. Return to each site and note which sites include links to other Web sites (not just
other Web pages within the current site) and what those sites offer beyond the
current site. Use WordPad, which is available on the Accessories menu of the All
Programs menu, to create a report that identifi es the sites you have visited,
indicating which you found most interesting and informative. Be sure to include the names
of the Web sites and their URLs. Save the report with the fi lename Irish Foods in the
BEB\Review folder provided with your Data Files.
6. Find a Web site with a connection to your hometown that provides an RSS feed, for
example, a local newspaper or TV channel. What kind of information can you get
through the RSS feed? Do not subscribe to any of the feeds unless requested to do so
by your instructor.
7. Search for a Web site that displays weather information for the capital of your home
state. Add this weather-related information as a Web Slice to your Favorites bar.
Close Internet Explorer.
8. Start Windows Live Mail and add your instructor as a contact. Based on information
you gathered in earlier steps, create a message addressed to your instructor. Describe
the restaurant Web site you found most helpful and which menu you liked best. Tell
your instructor which Web site provided an RSS feed and what Web Slice you added
to your Favorites bar. Attach the Irish Home Page fi le and the Irish Foods report you
prepared. Check the spelling and proofread the message before sending it.
9. Set an appointment in Windows Live Calendar to meet with Susan on Wednesday of
next week at 2:00 PM to discuss the information you have gathered and any ideas
you have about offering traditional Irish meals throughout the year at the inn. The
meeting with Susan will take 2 and 1/2 hours.
10. Close Windows Live Calendar and Windows Live Mail.
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