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Case Problem 1
There are no Data Files needed for this Case Problem.
Greeting Card Business Your marketing professor has just assigned a project: Create
a small business plan based on a hobby or area of personal interest. You have always
been interested in photography; family and friends are always asking you to take
pictures of special events—parties, graduations, and so on. On a recent trip, you visited the
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. While browsing in the gift shop, you noticed greeting cards
that featured a wide variety of photographs. Over the years, you have taken photos of the
lake in your hometown and the surrounding areas during every season of the year. If you
can combine your love of photography with creating greeting cards, you will not only
have a great project for class, but you might also have the start of a small business. Your
fi rst step is to do some research on your computer about starting a business. Complete
the following steps:
1. Start Internet Explorer and go to . Under the Start a Business
category, open the document that provides steps for starting a business. What is the URL
for this Web page? What are the suggested steps?
2. Return to your home page. Use a search engine to research starting a greeting card
business. Use the Back and Forward buttons to explore the fi rst fi ve Web sites in the
list of search results. Do any of the Web sites offer RSS feeds?
3. Using tabbed browsing, open the three Web sites that you liked the best on
separate tabs.
4. Use the History list to return to the Web page that you found most helpful, and then
save that page as a favorite.
5. Use WordPad, which is available from the Accessories menu of the All Programs
menu, to create a report that lists the three Web sites that you explored. Indicate
which site you saved as a favorite, and explain why you chose that site. Save the
report with the fi lename Greeting Card Business in the BEB\Case1 folder provided
with your Data Files.
6. Print the Web page that you saved as a favorite.
7. Using Windows Live Mail, create an email message to your instructor, and enter
Greeting Card Business in the Subject box. Attach the Greeting Card Business report,
and write a brief message explaining what is in the attached fi le. Send the email, and
submit the printout of the Web page you saved as a favorite to your instructor.
8. Using Windows Live Calendar, schedule the following appointments—a one-hour
meeting with a banker to discuss a small-business loan, a one-and-a-half-hour
meeting with a marketing fi rm to discuss developing a marketing plan for your new
greeting card business, and a half-hour meeting with your instructor during offi ce hours to
discuss this case problem.
9. Depending on when you scheduled the appointments, print the calendar so all the
appointments are displayed on the calendar pages (using the Day, Week, or Month
print style).
10. Close Windows Live Calendar, Windows Live Mail, and Internet Explorer.
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