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Case Problem 2
There are no Data Files needed for this Case Problem.
Community Service on Campus You are the new assistant to the director of public
relations at a small college. The college just reissued its mission statement, and central
to that mission is the development of a community outreach program. Your job is to
research the different kinds of community service programs that other colleges provide
to their communities. Your supervisor would like you to prepare a report that summarizes
the types of volunteer programs offered on other college campuses. The report should
also include a list of programs you would recommend. The report will be presented to
the community at the next town meeting, which will be held in two weeks. Complete the
following steps:
1. Start Internet Explorer.
2. Go to your college Web site and fi nd information on the community outreach
programs your college sponsors.
3. Using tabbed browsing, go to the following college Web sites to fi nd out what other
colleges are doing to provide information to the community:
• Outreach College at the University of Arizona:
• Memphis College of Art:
• Community Service Directory at the University of Pennsylvania:
4. Use WordPad, which is available on the Accessories menu of the All Programs menu,
to create a report that compares what you discovered in Step 2 with what you
discovered in Step 3. Save the report with the fi lename Community Outreach in the
BEB\Case2 folder provided with your Data Files.
5. Using a new tab and a search engine, look for a community service or outreach
program in or near your hometown that might work well on a college campus. Take
notes on the site’s contents—the purpose of the program, details on who runs the
program, information about its funding, and so on.
6. Save the Web sites of the three programs that appeal to you the most as favorites.
7. Display the opened Web pages as thumbnails. Capture an image of the Internet
Explorer window by pressing the Alt+Print Screen keys. Start WordPad, and then
paste the screen image in a new fi le using the Ctrl+V keys. Save the fi le as Services
in the BEB\Case2 folder provided with your Data Files.
8. A group of students from your school will be traveling to New Orleans with Habitat
for Humanity. Check out the weather in New Orleans. Add a weather-related Web
Slice to your Favorites bar so you can plan accordingly for the trip.
9. Using Windows Live Mail, send an email message to your instructor
explaining which program you found in Step 5 and why it might work well on a college
campus. Attach the Community Outreach report and the Services fi le.
10. Using Windows Live Calendar, schedule the following appointments—a one-hour
meeting with the dean of student affairs to discuss your ideas for a new community
service program at your school, a two-hour meeting with the director of the local
offi ce for Habitat for Humanity, and an all-day event for the Project Bread Walk for
Hunger in which you will be participating. ( Hint : Before scheduling the event, go
to an d follow the links to fi nd the information [that is, date,
time, location] you need to schedule the event in your calendar.)
11. Depending on when you scheduled the appointments, print the calendar so all the
appointments are displayed on the calendar pages (using the Day, Week, or Month
print style).
12. Close Windows Live Calendar, Windows Live Mail, and Internet Explorer.
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