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ProSkills Exercise: Written Communication
Create Email Messages for Sharing Web Research
Consider a topic you would like to research on the Web. This could be anything from
a school project, a family genealogy, or apartments for rent, to a hobby or pastime
that you are interested in. Using the search engine of your choice, research your
topic and save the information you fi nd.
Note: Please be sure not to include any personal information of a sensitive nature in
the documents you create to be submitted to your instructor for this exercise. Later
on, you can update the documents with such information for your own personal use.
1. Start your Web browser, and use the search engine of your choice to fi nd fi ve
Web pages related to your topic.
2. Using tabbed browsing, visit three of the Web sites, and then save the open tabs
as a tab group in the Favorites list. ( Hint : Click the Favorites button, click the Add
to Favorites button arrow, click Add Current Tabs to Favorites, enter a folder name
for the group, and then click the Add button.)
3. Search for a topic-related Web site that provides a Web Slice, and then save it to
your Favorites bar.
4. Search for an RSS feed related to your topic. Subscribe to one site that provides
a feed.
5. Print the home page of the site that you feel is the easiest to navigate.
6. Revisit the Web site that provided the best or most helpful information related to
your topic.
7. Create an email message addressed to your instructor and copy yourself. In a
concise paragraph, describe the results of Step 1 through Step 4. In a second
paragraph, describe which home page you printed in Step 5 as well as the Web
site you revisited in Step 6. Don’t forget to provide a meaningful subject, and
begin the message by addressing your professor in a professional way. Check for
correct grammar and spelling, and be sure you have used a positive tone and
appropriate language.
8. Send your email message.
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