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Switching Between Open Programs and Files
To start Excel and open a new, blank workbook:
1. On the taskbar, click the Start button , click All Programs to display the All
Programs list, and then click Microsoft Office .
Trouble? If you don’t see Microsoft Office on the All Programs list, point to
Microsoft Excel 2010 on the All Programs list. If you still don’t see Microsoft Excel
2010, ask your instructor or technical support person for help.
2. Click Microsoft Excel 2010 . Excel starts and a new, blank workbook opens. See
Figure 2.
Figure 2
New, blank Excel workbook
workbook win dow
sizing buttons
horizontal and
vert ical scroll bars
(workbook window)
program buttons
on the t askbar
view shortcuts
zoom co ntrols
statu s bar
Trouble? If the Excel window doesn’t fill your entire screen, the window is not
maximized, or expanded to its full size. You’ll maximize the window shortly.
Switching Between Open Programs and Files
Two programs are running at the same time—Word and Excel. The taskbar contains
buttons for both programs. When you have two or more programs running or two fi les
within the same program open, you can click the program buttons on the taskbar to
switch from one program or fi le to another. When you point to a program button, a
thumbnail (or small picture) of each open fi le in that program is displayed. You can then
click the thumbnail of the fi le you want to make active. The employees at Recycled
Palette often work in several programs and fi les at once.
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