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Exploring Common Window Elements
To switch between the open Word and Excel files:
1. On the taskbar, point to the Microsoft Word program button
. A thumbnail of
the open Word document appears. See Figure 3.
Figure 3
Thumbnail of the open Word document
click the thumbnail
that appears to
make the file active
point to the Word
program button
Excel pro gram
2. Click the Document1 - Microsoft Word thumbnail. The active program switches
from Excel to Word.
Exploring Common Window Elements
As you can see, many elements in both the Word and Excel program windows are the
same. In fact, most Offi ce programs have these same elements. Because these elements are
the same in each program, after you’ve learned one program, it’s easy to learn the others.
Resizing the Program Window and Workspace
There are three different sizing buttons that appear on the right side of a program
window’s title bar. The Minimize button , which is the left button, hides a window
so that only its program button is visible on the taskbar. The middle button changes
name and function depending on the status of the window—the Maximize button
Excel has two sets of sizing
buttons. The top set
controls the program window
and the bottom set
controls the workspace.
expands the window to the full screen size or to the program window size, and the
Restore Down button returns the window to a predefi ned size. The Close button
, on the right, exits the program or closes the fi le.
The sizing buttons give you the fl exibility to arrange the program and fi le windows
to best fi t your needs. Most often, you’ll want to maximize the program window and
workspace to take advantage of the full screen size you have available. If you have
several fi les open, you might want to restore down their windows so that you can see more
than one window at a time, or you might want to minimize programs or fi les you are not
working on at the moment.
To resize the windows and workspaces:
1. On the Word title bar, click the Minimize button . The Word program window
is reduced to a taskbar button. The Excel program window is visible again.
2. On the Excel title bar, click the Maximize button
to expand the Excel
program window to fill the screen, if necessary.
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