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Switching Views
3. In the bottom set of Excel sizing buttons, click the Restore Window button
The workspace is resized smaller than the full program window. See Figure 4.
Figure 4
Resized Excel window and workspace
program window
sizing buttons
restored workspace
(yours might be a
different size or
drag to
window to a
custom size
4. On the workbook window, click the Maximize button
. The workspace expands
to fill the program window.
5. On the taskbar, click the Microsoft Word
program button. The Word program
window returns to its previous size.
6. On the Word title bar, click the Maximize button
if necessary to expand the
Word program to fill the screen.
Switching Views
Each program has a variety of views, or ways to display the fi le in the workspace. For
example, Word has fi ve views: Print Layout, Full Screen Reading, Web Layout, Outline,
and Draft. The content of the fi le doesn’t change from view to view, although the
presentation of the content does. In Word, for example, Print Layout view shows how the
document would appear as a printed page, whereas Web Layout view shows how the
document would appear as a Web page. You’ll change views in later tutorials.
You can quickly switch
between views using the
view buttons on the status
bar or options on the View
tab on the Ribbon.
Zooming and Scrolling
You can zoom in to get a closer look at the content of an open document, worksheet,
slide, or database report. Likewise, you can zoom out to see more of the content at a
smaller size. You can select a specifi c percentage or size based on your fi le. The zoom
percentage can range from 10 percent to 400 percent (Excel and PowerPoint) or
500 percent (Word). The fi gures shown in these tutorials show the workspace zoomed in
to enhance readability. Zooming can shift part of the workspace out of view. To change
which area of the workspace is visible in the program window, you can use the scroll
bars. A scroll bar has arrow buttons that you can click to shift the workspace a small
amount in the specifi ed direction and a scroll box that you can drag to shift the
workspace a larger amount in the direction you drag. Depending on the program and zoom
level, you might see a vertical scroll bar, a horizontal scroll bar, or both.
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