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Using Galleries and Live Preview
Using Galleries and Live Preview
Galleries and Live Preview let you quickly see how your fi le will be affected by a
selection. A gallery is a menu or grid that shows a visual representation of the options
available for a button. For example, the Bullet Library gallery in Word shows an icon of each
bullet style you can select. Some galleries include a More button that you click to
expand the gallery to see all the options it contains. When you point to an option in a
gallery, Live Preview shows the results that would occur in your fi le if you clicked that
option. To continue the bullets example, when you point to a bullet style in the Bullet
Library gallery, the selected text or the paragraph in which the insertion point is located
appears with that bullet style. By moving the pointer from option to option, you can
quickly see the text set with different bullet styles; you can then click the style you want.
To use the Bullet Library gallery and Live Preview:
1. In the Paragraph group on the Home tab, click the Bullets button arrow
The Bullet Library gallery opens.
2. Point to the check mark bullet style
. Live Preview shows the selected bullet
style in your document. See Figure 10.
Figure 10
Live Preview of bullet icon
click the Bullets
button arrow to
open a gallery of
bullet styles
Bullet Library
Live Preview of
the bullet style
highlighted in the
3. Place the pointer over each of the remaining bullet styles and preview them in
your document.
4. Click the check mark bullet style . The Bullet Library gallery closes, and the
check mark bullet is added to the line, which is indented. The Bullets button
remains toggled on when the insertion point is in the line with the bullet.
You can press the Esc key
to close a gallery without
making a selection.
5. On the second line, next to the check mark bullet, select Meeting Agenda . The
two words are highlighted to indicate they are selected.
6. Type Brainstorm names for the new paint colors. to replace the selected text
with an agenda item.
7. Press the Enter key twice to end the bulleted list.
Opening Dialog Boxes and Task Panes
The button to the right of some group names is the Dialog Box Launcher , which opens
a task pane or dialog box related to that group of tasks. A task pane is a window that helps
you navigate through a complex task or feature. For example, you can use the Clipboard
task pane to paste some or all of the items that were cut or copied from any Offi ce
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