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Sharing Files Using Windows Live SkyDrive
Figure 19
Open dialog box
file to open and print
folders and other
Word files stored in
this folder appear here
click to open the
selected file
5. Click the Open button. The Agenda file opens in the Word program window.
Sharing Files Using Windows Live SkyDrive
Often the purpose of creating a fi le is to share it with other people—sending it attached
to an email message for someone else to read or use, collaborating with others on the
same document, or posting it as a blog for others to review. You can do all of these things
in Backstage view from the Save & Send tab.
When you send a fi le using email, you can attach a copy of the fi le, send a link to
the fi le, or attach a copy of the fi le in a PDF or another fi le format. You can also save to
online workspaces where you can make the fi le available to others for review and
collaboration. The Save to Web option on the Save & Send tab in Backstage view gives you
access to Windows Live SkyDrive , which is an online workspace provided by Microsoft;
your personal workspace comes with a Public folder for saving fi les to share as well as a
My Documents folder for saving fi les you want to keep private. (SkyDrive is not
available for Access.) Figure 20 shows the Save to Web options on the Save & Send tab in
Backstage view of Word. SharePoint is an online workspace set up by an organization,
such as a school, business, or nonprofi t group.
Files saved to an online workspace can be worked on by more than one person at the
same time. The changes are recorded in the fi les with each author’s name and the date of
the change. A Web browser is used to access and edit the fi les. You choose who can have
access to the fi les.
To use SkyDrive, you need
a Windows Live ID, which
you can sign up for at no
cost. After you sign in, you
can create new folders and
save files into the folders.
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