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Using the Help Window
Figure 21
ScreenTip for the Help button
Microsoft Office Word
Help button
keyboard shortcut
button name
description of the button’s function
2. Point to other buttons on the Ribbon to display their ScreenTips.
Using the Help Window
For more detailed information, you can use the Help window to access all the Help
topics, templates, and training installed on your computer with Offi ce and available on
Offi Offi is a Web site maintained by Microsoft that provides access to
the latest information and additional Help resources. For example, you can access
current Help topics and training for Offi ce. To connect to Offi, you need to be able
to access the Internet from your computer. Otherwise, you see only topics that are stored
on your computer.
Each program has its own Help window from which you can fi nd information about
all of the Offi ce commands and features as well as step-by-step instructions for using
them. There are two ways to fi nd Help topics—the search function and a topic list.
The Type words to search for box enables you to search the Help system for a task or
a topic you need help with. You can click a link to open a Help topic with explanations
and step-by-step instructions for a specifi c procedure. The Table of Contents pane
displays the Help system content organized by subjects and topics, similar to a book’s table
of contents. You click main subject links to display related topic links. You click a topic
link to display that Help topic in the Help window.
Getting Help
• Click the Microsoft Office Help button (the button name depends on the Office
• Type a keyword or phrase in the Type words to search for box, click the Search button,
and then click a Help topic in the search results list.
In the Table of Contents pane, click a “book,” and then click a Help topic.
• Read the information in the Help window and then click other topics or links.
• On the Help window title bar, click the Close button.
You’ll use Help to get information about printing a document in Word.
To search Help for information about printing:
1. Click the Microsoft Office Word Help button
. The Word Help window opens.
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