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Printing a File
Figure 23
Preview and print a fi le Help topic
click to close or
open the Table of
Contents pane
click to move
between previously
viewed windows
click to print current
click a bo ok to
display its topics,
and then click a
topic to display its
contents of
selected topic
click a link to vie w
more information
Trouble? If you don’t see the Preview and print a file Help topic on page 1, its
current location might be on another page. Click the Next link to move to the next
page, and then scroll down to find the topic. Repeat as needed to search
additional pages until you locate the topic.
9. Read the information, click the links within this topic, and then read the additional
10. On the Help window title bar, click the Close button
to close the window.
Printing a File
At times, you’ll want a paper copy of Offi ce fi les. Whenever you print, you should
review and adjust the printing settings as needed. You can select the number of copies
to print, the printer, the portion of the fi le to print, and so forth; the printing settings vary
slightly from program to program. You should also check the fi le’s print preview to ensure
that the fi le will print as you intended. This simple review will help you to avoid
reprinting, which requires additional paper, ink, and energy resources.
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