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Exiting Programs
Trouble? If the document does not print, see your instructor or technical support
person for help.
Exiting Programs
When you fi nish working with a program, you should exit it. As with many other aspects of
Offi ce, you can exit programs with a button or a command. You’ll use both methods to exit
Word and Excel. You can use the Exit command to exit a program and close an open fi le in
one step. If you haven’t saved the fi nal version of the open fi le, a dialog box opens, asking
whether you want to save your changes. Clicking the Save button in this dialog box saves
the open fi le, closes the fi le, and then exits the program.
To exit the Word and Excel programs:
1. On the Word title bar, click the Close button . Both the Word document
and the Word program close. The Excel window is visible again.
Trouble? If a dialog box opens asking if you want to save the document, you
might have inadvertently made a change to the document. Click the Don’t Save
2. On the Ribbon, click the File tab to open Backstage view, and then click the Exit
command in the navigation bar. A dialog box opens asking whether you want
to save the changes you made to the workbook. If you click the Save button, the
Save As dialog box opens and Excel exits after you finish saving the workbook.
This time, you don’t want to save the workbook.
3. Click the Don’t Save button. The workbook closes without saving a copy, and the
Excel program closes.
Exiting programs after you are done using them keeps your Windows desktop
uncluttered for the next person using the computer, frees up your system’s resources, and
prevents data from being lost accidentally.
Quick Check
1. What Offi ce program would be best to use to write a letter?
2. How do you start an Offi ce program?
3. What is the purpose of Live Preview?
4. What is Backstage view?
5. Explain the difference between Save and Save As.
6. True or False. In Protected View, you can see fi le contents, but you cannot edit,
save, or print them until you enable editing.
7. What happens if you open a fi le, make edits, and then attempt to close the fi le
or exit the program without saving the current version of the fi le?
8. What are the two ways to get Help in Offi ce?
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