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ProSkills Exercise: Teamwork
Working on a Team
Teams consist of individuals who have skills, talents, and abilities that complement each
other and, when joined, produce synergy—results greater than those a single individual
could achieve. It is this sense of shared mission and responsibility for results that makes a
team successful in its efforts to reach its goals. Teams are everywhere. In the workplace, a
team might develop a presentation to introduce products. In the classroom, a team might
complete a research project.
Teams meet face to face or virtually. A virtual team rarely, if ever, meets in person. Instead,
technology makes it possible for members to work as if everyone was in the same room.
Some common technologies used in virtual teamwork are corporate networks, email,
teleconferencing, and collaboration and integration tools, such as those found in Offi ce 2010.
Even for teams in the same location, technology is a valuable tool. For example, teams
commonly collaborate on a copy of a fi le posted to an online shared storage space, such
as SkyDrive. In addition, team members can compile data in the program that best suits
the information related to their part of the project. Later, that information can be
integrated into a fi nished report, presentation, email message, and so on.
Collaborate with Others
At home, school, or work, you probably collaborate with others to complete many
types of tasks—such as planning an event, creating a report, or developing a
presentation. You can use Microsoft Offi ce to streamline many of these tasks. Consider a
project that you might need to work on with a team. Complete the following steps:
1. Start Word, and open a new document, if necessary.
2. In the document, type a list of all the tasks the team needs to accomplish. If you
are working with a team, identify which team member would complete each task.
3. For each task, identify the type of Offi ce fi le you would create to complete that
task. For example, you would create a Word document to write a letter.
4. For each fi le, identify the Offi ce program you would use to create that fi le, and
explain why you would use that program.
5. Save the document with an appropriate fi lename in an appropriate folder location.
6. Use a Web browser to visit the Microsoft site at an d research
the different Offi ce 2010 suites available. Determine which suite includes all the
programs needed for the team to complete the tasks on the list.
7. In the document, type which Offi ce suite you selected and a brief explanation of why.
8. Determine how the team can integrate the different programs in the Offi ce suite
you selected to create the fi les that complete the team’s goal or task. Include this
information at the end of the Word document. Save the document.
9. Develop an effi cient way to organize the fi les that the team will create to
complete the goal or task. Add this information at the end of the Word document.
10. If possible, sign in to SkyDrive, and then save a copy of the fi le in an appropriate
subfolder within your Public folder. If you are working with a team, have your
teammates access your fi le, review your notes, and add a paragraph with their
comments and name.
11. Preview and print the fi nished document, and then submit it to your instructor.
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