Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Session 1.1
The Quick Access Toolbar
provides one-click access
to commonly used
commands, such as Save.
The Home tab includes
options for formatting
and editing text.
The dark gray area on
the ruler represents the
document’s margins.
Margins are the blank
spaces around the edges
of a document’s content.
The insertion point
shows where characters
will ap pear when you
start typing.
The paragraph mark
indicates the end of a
paragraph. It is only
visible if nonpri nting
characters are turned on.
Nonprinting characters
appear on screen but not
on the printed page.
You can cho ose to display
the rulers , w hich can be
useful as you work with
different elements in a
The status bar provides
information about the
current document, such
as the current page and
number of words in the
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