Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Session 1.1
You use the window buttons
to minimize, maximize and
close the Word window.
The Microsoft Word Help
button opens the Help
window, where you can find
information about Word
commands and features as
well as instructions for
using them.
You can click the up scroll
arrow to scroll up one line,
or hold the mouse button
down to scroll up more
The Show/Hide button is
selected, meaning that
nonprinting characters are
displayed in the document.
You can drag the
scroll box up or
down to see
other parts of a
You can click the down
scroll arrow to scroll down
one line or hold the mouse
button down to scroll down
more quickly.
Print Layout view , the
default view, m ost closely
resembles how your
document will l ook when
printed. The or ange highlight
indicates that i t is selected.
The View
buttons allow
you to cha nge
the way th e
document is
To quickly
change the
Zoom level,
drag the Zoom
slider l eft or
A Zoom level of
100% shows the
document as if
it were printed
on pap er.
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