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Entering Text
Written Communication: Creating a Business Letter
Several styles are considered acceptable for business letters. The main differences among
them have to do with how parts of the letter are indented from the left margin. In the block
style, which you will use to create the letter in this tutorial, each line of text starts at the left
margin. In other words, nothing is indented. Another style is to indent the first line of each
paragraph. The choice of style is largely a matter of personal preference, or it can be
determined by the standards used in a particular business or organization. To further enhance
your skills in writing business correspondence, you can consult an authoritative book for
business writing that provides guidelines for creating a variety of business documents, such
as Business Communication: Process & Product, by Mary Ellen Guffey .
Entering Text
The letters you type appear at the current location of the insertion point. You are ready
to begin typing the letter for Andrew. The fi rst item in a block style business letter is
the date.
Inserting a Date with AutoComplete
Andrew wants to send the Author’s Guide to Jean Driscoll on February 8, so you need
to insert that date into the letter. To do so, you can take advantage of AutoComplete , a
Word feature that automatically inserts dates and other regularly used items for you. In
this case, you can type the fi rst few characters of the month, and let Word insert the rest.
To insert the date:
1. Type Febr (the first four letters of February). A ScreenTip appears above the
letters, as shown in Figure 1-2, suggesting “February” as the complete word. If
you wanted to type something other than February, you could continue typing to
complete the word. You want to accept the AutoComplete suggestion.
Figure 1-2
AutoComplete suggestion
ScreenTip tells
you how to enter
the rest of the
word “February”
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