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Entering the Inside Address
2. Press the Enter key. The rest of the word “February” is inserted in the document.
3. Press the spacebar , type 8, 2013 and then press the Enter key twice, leaving a
blank paragraph between the date and the line where you will begin typing the
inside address. Notice the nonprinting character (•) after the word “February”
and before the number “2,” which indicates a space. Word inserts this
nonprinting character every time you press the spacebar.
Trouble? If February happens to be the current month, you will see a second
AutoComplete suggestion displaying the current date after you press the
spacebar. To ignore that AutoComplete suggestion, continue typing the rest of the date
as instructed in Step 3.
AutoComplete works for
long month names like
February, but not shorter
ones like May, because
“Ma” could be the
beginning of many words, not
just “May.”
Next you will type the inside address.
Entering the Inside Address
In a block style business letter, the inside address appears below the date, with one blank
paragraph in between. Note that some style guides recommend including even more
space between the date and the inside address, but in the short letter you are typing
more space would make the document look out of balance. The inside address is the
address of the recipient of the letter, Jean Driscoll.
To insert the inside address:
1. Type the following information, pressing the Enter key after each item:
Jean Driscoll
2257 Chamberlain Drive
North Liberty, IA 52317
When you are finished typing the inside address, your screen should look like
Figure 1-3. Don’t be concerned if the lines of the inside address look like they are
too far apart. You will adjust the spacing between lines of text after you finish
typing the letter.
Trouble? If you make a mistake while typing, press the Backspace key to delete
the incorrect character and then type the correct character.
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