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Entering the Inside Address
Figure 1-4
Partially completed letter
when a line is
full, Word starts
a new line
insertion point
Before you continue with the rest of the letter, you should save what you have typed
so far.
To save the document:
1. On the Quick Access Toolbar, click the Save button . The Save As dialog box
opens. Note that Word suggests using the first line you typed (“February 8”) as
the filename.
2. Type Driscoll Letter in the File name box, replacing the suggested filename.
Next, you need to specify a location in which to store the file.
3. Navigate to the Word1\Tutorial folder included with your Data Files.
Trouble? If Word adds the .docx extension to your filename, your computer is
configured to show file extensions. That’s fine.
Trouble? The Word1 folder is included with the Data Files for this text. If you
don’t have the Word Data Files, you need to get them before you can proceed.
Your instructor will either give you the Data Files or ask you to obtain them from a
specified location (such as a network drive). In either case, be sure that you make
a backup copy of your Data Files before you start using them, so that the original
files will be available on your copied disk in case you need to start over because
of an error or problem. If you have any questions about the Data Files, see your
instructor or technical support person for assistance.
4. Click the Save button in the Save As dialog box. The dialog box closes, and
you return to the document window. The new document name (Driscoll Letter)
appears in the title bar.
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