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Correcting Errors as You Type
Figure 1-8
Shortcut menu with suggested spellings
correct spelling
of word on
shortcut menu
Mini toolbar
Trouble? If you see a menu other than the one shown in Figure 1-8, you didn’t
right-click exactly on the word “disuss.” Press the Esc key to close the menu, and
then repeat Step 1.
2. Click discuss on the shortcut menu. The correct word is inserted into the
sentence, and the shortcut menu closes. You could use the shortcut menu to remove
the second instance of “few” but in the next step you’ll try a different method—
selecting the word and deleting it.
3. Double-click the underlined word few . The word and the space following it are
highlighted in blue, indicating that they are selected.
Trouble? If the entire paragraph is selected, you triple-clicked the word by
mistake. Click anywhere in the document to deselect it, and then repeat Step 3.
To deselect highlighted
text, click anywhere in the
4. Press the Delete key. The second instance of “few” and the space following it are
deleted from the sentence.
5. Using shortcut menus, replace the underlined word “are” with “am” and then
replace the word “too” with “to.”
6. On the Quick Access Toolbar, click the Save button
You can see how quick and easy it is to correct common typing errors with
AutoCorrect and the underlines displayed by the spelling and grammar checker. But you
can’t count on them to catch every possible error. After you fi nish the letter, you will still
need to proofread it.
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