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Correcting Errors as You Type
To finish the letter:
1. Press the Ctrl+End keys to move the insertion point to the end of the document.
2. Type Sincerely yours, (including the comma). Unless you are using a very large
monitor, at this point your insertion point is probably near the bottom of the
screen. In the next step, notice how the Word window scrolls down as you
continue to type.
3. Press the Enter key three times to leave space for the signature.
4. Type Andrew Siordia and then press the Enter key. Because Andrew’s last name
is not in Word’s dictionary, a wavy red line appears below it. You can ignore this
for now.
5. Type Managing Editor and then press the Enter key twice and type Enclosure .
6. Press the Enter key once, type your first, middle, and last initials in lowercase,
and then press the Enter key. AutoCorrect wrongly assumes your first initial is the
first letter of a new sentence, and changes it to uppercase.
7. Click the Undo button on the Quick Access toolbar. Word reverses the change,
replacing the uppercase initial with a lowercase one. At this point, your screen
should look similar to Figure 1-9. Notice that, as you continue to add lines to the
letter, the top part of the letter scrolls off the screen. For example, in Figure 1-9,
you can no longer see the date.
8. Save the document.
Figure 1-9
Completed letter
top part of
document has
scrolled off the screen
space for signature
blank paragraph
before Enclosure line
your lowercase
initials appear here
Now that you have fi nished typing the letter, you need to proofread it.
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