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Proofreading a Finished Document
a block style business letter, the inside address should have the same spacing as the lines
of text within a single paragraph. The same is true of the signature and title lines; they
need to be closer together. You can accomplish this by removing the 10 points of space
after each of these paragraphs.
Figure 1-10
Line and paragraph spacing in the letter to Jean Driscoll
paragraph spacing makes
the lines of the inside
address too far apart
a paragraph can
contain a sing le line
of text, several lines
of text, or no text
paragraph spacing
makes the lines of
the signature and
title too far apart
Understanding Spacing Between Paragraphs
When discussing the correct format for letters, many business style guides talk about
single spacing and double spacing between paragraphs. In these style guides, “to single
space between paragraphs” means pressing the Enter key once after each paragraph.
Likewise, “to double space between paragraphs” means pressing the Enter key twice
after each paragraph. With the default paragraph spacing in Word 2010, however, you
only need to press the Enter key once to insert a double space after a paragraph. Keep
this in mind if you’re accustomed to pressing the Enter key twice; otherwise, you could
end up with more space than you want between paragraphs.
To adjust paragraph and line spacing in Word, you use the Line and Paragraph
Spacing button in the Paragraph group on the Home tab. Clicking this button displays a
menu of the preset line spacing options (1.0, 1.15, 2.0, and so on). The paragraph
spacing options that appear at the bottom of the menu are more streamlined: you can choose
to add or remove the default 10 points of space before or after each paragraph.
Next you’ll adjust the paragraph spacing in the inside address, and then turn your
attention to the signature and title lines. In the process, you’ll also learn some techniques
for selecting text in a document.
You can also adjust
paragraph spacing using
the Spacing options in the
Paragraph group of the
Page Layout tab.
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