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To adjust the paragraph spacing in the inside address:
1. If necessary, scroll up to display the inside address.
2. Move the pointer to the white space just to the left of “Jean Driscoll” until the
pointer changes to a right-facing arrow
The white space in the
left margin is sometimes
referred to as the selection
bar, because you click it to
select text.
3. Click the mouse button. The entire name, including the paragraph symbol after it,
is selected.
4. Press and hold the mouse button, drag the pointer down to select the next
paragraph of the inside address as well, and then release the mouse button.
The name and street address are selected as well as the paragraph marks at the
end of each paragraph. You did not select the paragraph containing the city, state
and zip code, because you do want to include paragraph spacing after that
paragraph in order to separate the inside address from the salutation. See Figure 1-11.
Figure 1-11
Inside address selected
click here…
…and then drag the
mouse down, while
holding down the
mouse button, to
select the first two
lines of the inside
5. In the Paragraph group on the Home tab, click the Line and Paragraph Spacing
button . A menu of line spacing options appears, with two paragraph
spacing options at the bottom. See Figure 1-12. The default line spacing setting for
the selected text (1.15) is indicated by a check mark. At the moment, you are only
interested in the paragraph spacing options. Your goal is to remove the default
10 points of space after each paragraph in the inside address, so you need to use
the last option on the menu, Remove Space After Paragraph.
Figure 1-12
Line and paragraph spacing options
Line and Paragr aph
Spacing button
line spacing options
click to remove space
after each of the
selected paragraphs
paragraph spacing
6. Click Remove Space After Paragraph . The menu closes, and the paragraphs are
now closer together.
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