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Adjusting the Margins
To change the page margins:
1. Click the Page Layout tab on the Ribbon. The Page Layout tab displays options
for adjusting the layout of your document.
2. In the Page Setup group, click the Margins button. The Margins menu opens, as
shown in Figure 1-15. Here you can choose from a number of predefined margin
options, or you can click the Custom Margins command to select your own
settings. After you create custom margin settings, the most recent set appears as an
option at the top of the menu. In this case, you will create custom margins.
Figure 1-15
Margins menu
most recent margin
settings selected via
the Custom Margins
option; you may not
see this
commonly used
margin settings
click to access
custom margin
3. Click Custom Margins . The Page Setup dialog box opens, with the Margins tab
displayed. The default margin settings are displayed in the boxes at the top of the
Margins tab. The top margin of 1 is already selected, ready for you to type a new
margin setting.
4. Type 2.5 in the Top box in the Margins section. See Figure 1-16.
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