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Previewing and Printing a Document
To preview the document:
1. Proof the document one last time and correct any remaining errors.
2. Click the File tab to open Backstage view, and then click the Print tab in the
navigation bar. The Print tab displays a full-page version of your letter in the right
pane, showing how the letter will fit on the printed page. The Print settings in
the left pane allow you to control a variety of print options. For example, you can
change the number of copies from the default setting of “1.” You can also use the
navigation controls at the bottom of the right pane to display other pages in a
document. See Figure 1-17.
Figure 1-17
Print tab in Backstage view
click when you are
ready to print
specify number of
copies here
preview of page
when printed
click to navigate to
subseq uent pages
3. Review your document and make sure its overall layout matches the document in
Figure 1-17. If you notice a problem with paragraph breaks or spacing, click the
Home tab on the Ribbon, edit the document, and then repeat step 2.
4. Make sure your printer is turned on and contains paper.
5. Click the Print button in the left pane of the Print tab. Backstage view closes and
the letter prints.
6. Click the File tab, and then click the Close command in the navigation bar to
close the document without closing Word.
Now that the letter is completed, you need to create an envelope Andrew can use to
mail the letter. You could add the envelope to the Driscoll Letter document, but Andrew
would prefer to save the envelope as a separate document, so he can more easily fi nd
and reuse it for subsequent correspondence with Jean Driscoll. So before you can create
the envelope, you need to open a new, blank document.
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