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Session 1.1 Quick Check
Figure 1-19
Envelopes and Labels dialog box
select this checkbox to omit a
return address
you might see an address here
if your printer was stocked with
envelopes, you could click here to
print the envelo pe immediately
click to save the envelope as part
of the document
5. Click the Add to Document button. The dialog box closes, and you return to the
document window. The envelope is inserted at the top of the document, with
1.0 line spacing. The double line with the words “Section Break (Next Page)”
indicates how the envelope is formatted, and will not be visible when you print
the envelope. The envelope will print in the standard business envelope format.
Andrew will print the envelope later, so you can close the document now.
6. Save and close the document.
You have created and formatted the letter to the new author and created an envelope
for it. In the next session, you will modify a fl yer Andrew created, announcing an author
appearance at a local bookstore, by formatting the text and adding a photo.
Session 1.1 Quick Check
1. True or False. In the block style letter, each line of text starts at the left margin,
except for the date.
2. Explain how to display nonprinting characters.
3. True or False. Word adds the .docx extension to document fi lenames to identify
them as Microsoft Word 2010 documents, whether your computer is set up to
display them or not.
4. Explain how to open the Margins menu.
5. What is the default setting for paragraph spacing in a Word document?
6. True or False. A wavy red underline below a word indicates a grammatical error.
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