Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Session 1.2
You can click the Clear
Formatting button to
restore selected text to
the default font, font size,
and color.
Clicking the Format
Painter button displays
the Format Painter
pointer, which you can
use to copy formatting
from the selected text to
other text in the
The Font group on the
Home tab includes the
Font box and the Font
Size box for setti ng the
font and the font size of
text. A font is a set of
characters that uses the
same typeface.
Alignment buttons control the way
text is aligned —that is, the way
it lines up horizontally between the
margins. Here, the Center button is
selected because the text containing
the insertion point is center aligned.
You click the Shading button to apply
a background of shading to selected
text or paragraphs. Like man y of the
other formatting buttons, the exact
appearance of the Shading button
depends on the most recent selection.
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