Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Session 1.2
You use the Border button
to apply an outline to the
selected paragraph. The
image on the Border button
reflects the most recently
used Border option—
in this case, a full border.
This paragraph has text
effects applied to it—a white
outline and a fading effect at
the top of the letters.
The italics and blue font
color applied to this line of
text are examples of
formatting that you would
use sparingly to draw
attention to a specific part
of a document.
The black bor der and green
shading that a ppear around these
four paragraphs are examples of
paragraph formatting .
You can insert a photo or other
type of picture in a document by
using the Picture button located
on the Insert tab of the Ribbon.
This document has a
landscape orientation ,
meaning it is wider than it
is tall.
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