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Opening an Existing Document
Opening an Existing Document
In this session, you need to complete a fl yer announcing a bookstore appearance by
Georgia Vassalo, a Carlyle University Press author. Andrew has already typed the text of
the fl yer, inserted a photo into it, and saved it as a Word document. He would like you to
format the fl yer in a way that makes it eye-catching and easy to read. You’ll start by
opening the document.
To open the flyer document:
1. If you took a break after the previous session, make sure Word is running.
2. Click the File tab to open Backstage view, and then click the Open command in
the navigation bar. The Open dialog box is displayed.
3. Navigate to the Word1\Tutorial folder included with your Data Files.
4. Click Author to select the file, and then click the Open button.
The document opens with the insertion point blinking in the first line of the
Trouble? If the orange Protected View bar appears at the top of the document
window, click the Enable Editing button.
Before making changes to Andrew’s document, you will save it with a new name.
Saving the document with a different fi lename creates a copy of the fi le and leaves the
original fi le unchanged in case you want to work through the tutorial again.
To save the document with a new name:
1. Click the File tab to open Backstage view, and then click the Save As command
in the navigation bar. The Save As dialog box opens with the current filename
highlighted in the File name box. You could type an entirely new filename, or you
could edit the current one.
2. Click to the right of the current filename in the File name box to place the
insertion point after the “r” in “Author.”
3. Press the spacebar , and then type Flyer so that the new filename is
“Author Flyer.”
4. Verify that the Word1\Tutorial folder is selected as the location for saving
the file.
5. Click the Save button. The document is saved with the new filename, “Author
Flyer,” and the original Author file closes, remaining unchanged.
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