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Changing the Font and Font Size
Figure 1-22
Selected text, with default font displayed in Font box
Font box shows font
currently applied to
selected text
4. In the Font group, click the Font arrow. A list of available fonts appears, with
Cambria and Calibri at the top of the list. Calibri is highlighted in orange,
indicating that this font is currently applied to the selected text. The word “Headings”
next to the font name “Cambria” indicates that Cambria is intended for
formatting headings. You’ll learn more about Cambria, and its companion font, Calibri,
in Tutorial 2, when you use Themes to format a document.
Below Cambria and Calibri you might see a list of fonts that have been used
recently on your computer, followed by a complete alphabetical list of all available
fonts. (You need to scroll the list to see all the fonts.) Each name in the list is
formatted with the relevant font. For example, “Arial” appears in the Arial font, and
“Times New Roman” appears in the Times New Roman font. See Figure 1-23.
Figure 1-23
Font list
drag to scroll font list
currently selected fon t
recently used fonts
(you might not see
this list or your list
might differ)
font names appear in
their corresponding
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