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Applying Text Effects, Font Colors, and Font Styles
2. In the Font group, click the Font Color button arrow . A gallery of font colors
appears. Black is the default font color and appears at the top of the Font Color
list, with the word “Automatic” next to it. The options in the Theme Colors section
of the menu are complementary colors that work well when used together in a
document. The options in the Standard Colors section are the primary colors and
simple variations of them. For more advanced color options, you could use the
More Colors or Gradient options. Andrew prefers a simple dark blue.
3. In the Standard Colors section, place the mouse pointer over the second square
from the right to display a ScreenTip with the color’s name, “Dark Blue.” See
Figure 1-25. A Live Preview of the color appears in the document, where the text
you selected in step 1 now appears formatted in dark blue.
Figure 1-25
Selecting a font color
black is the
default font color
theme colors
point to this color
advanced color
Live Preview of the
Dark Blue color
4. Click the Dark Blue square. The Font color gallery closes and the selected text is
formatted in dark blue. On the Font Color button, the bar below the letter “A” is
now dark blue indicating that, if you select text and click the Font Color button, it
will automatically apply the dark blue color.
5. In the Font group, click the Italic button . The selected text is now italicized.
Now you will copy the topic title’s formatting to the bookstore name using the
Format Painter.
The Bold button (located
in the Font group on the
Home tab) can also be
useful for emphasizing text.
6. In the Clipboard group, click the Format Painter button
to activate, or turn
on, the Format Painter.
7. Move the pointer over the document. A small paint brush appears next to the
I-beam pointer . See Figure 1-26. The text you select with the Format Painter
pointer will automatically change to match the formatting of the selected text.
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