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Aligning Text
Figure 1-26
Format Painter
Format Painter
is turned on
formatted in blue, italics
paintbrush pointer
8. Click and drag the Format Painter pointer to select the bookstore name
“Spruce Tree Books” in the fourth paragraph. The bookstore name is formatted in
blue with italics. The mouse pointer returns to its original I-beam shape.
9. Save your changes to the document.
You have fi nished the text formatting Andrew requested. Next, you will complete
some paragraph formatting, starting with paragraph alignment.
Aligning Text
Alignment refers to how the text lines up according to the margins on a page. By default,
Word aligns text along the left margin, with the text along the right margin ragged , or
uneven. This is called left alignment . With right alignment , the text is aligned along the
right margin and is ragged along the left margin. With center alignment , text is centered
between the left and right margins and is ragged along both the left and right margins.
With justifi ed alignment , full lines of text are spaced between both the left and the right
margins, and the text is not ragged. Text in newspaper columns is often justifi ed. See
Figure 1-27.
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