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Adding a Paragraph Border and Shading
Figure 1-28
Centered text and photo
3. Save your changes to the document.
Adding a Paragraph Border and Shading
A paragraph border is an outline that appears around one or more paragraphs in a
document. You can choose to apply only part of a border—for example, a bottom border
that appears as an underline under the last line of text in the paragraph—or an entire
box around a paragraph. You can select different colors and line weights for the border
as well, making it more prominent or less prominent as needed. You apply paragraph
borders using the Border button in the Paragraph group on the Home tab. Shading is
background color that you can apply to one or more paragraphs and can be used in
conjunction with a border for a more defi ned effect. You apply shading using the Shading
button in the Paragraph group on the Home tab.
Now you will experiment with various border and shading options before applying
the border and shading shown earlier in the Session 1.2 Visual Overview.
To add shading and a paragraph border:
1. Select the first paragraph in the document, which contains the text “An Evening
with Georgia Vassallo.”
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