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Adding a Paragraph Border and Shading
2. In the Paragraph group, click the Border button arrow . A menu of border
options appears, as shown in Figure 1-29. To apply a complete outline around the
selected text, you use the Outside Borders option.
Figure 1-29
Border menu
The exact name that
appears in the ScreenTip
for the Border button
changes, depending on
which border option is
currently selected. In this
case, the ScreenTip reads
“Bottom Border” because
the bottom border style is
selected by default.
Bottom Border is default
applies an outline around
the selected paragraph or
3. On the Border menu, click Outside Borders . The menu closes and a black border
appears around the selected paragraph, and the Border button in the Paragraph
group changes to show the Outside Borders option.
4. On the Quick Access Toolbar, click the Undo button to remove the border,
click outside the first paragraph to deselect it, and then select all four paragraphs
of text.
5. In the Paragraph group, click the Border button arrow and then click All
Borders . Each paragraph appears with its own complete border around it.
6. On the Quick Access Toolbar, click the Undo button to remove the borders,
click the Border button arrow in the Paragraph group, and then click
Outside Borders . An outside border is applied to the selected paragraphs.
As you can see, the type of border Word applies depends on the number of
paragraphs selected in the document and the option you choose on the Border menu.
Andrew wants to keep the single outline around all four paragraphs, so you can now add
shading. You don’t have to use a border with shading, but the border helps add defi nition
to the shading color.
To add paragraph shading to the paragraphs:
1. Verify that all four paragraphs of text are still selected.
2. In the Paragraph group, click the Shading button arrow . A gallery of
shading options opens, divided into Theme Colors and Standard Colors. As with other
formatting menus and galleries, you can move the pointer over an option to see a
Live Preview of the option applied to the selected text in the document. Andrew
asks you to use the light green shading option. See Figure 1-30.
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