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Inserting, Deleting and Resizing a Photo
Figure 1-30
Shading gallery
select this color
Outline border
around the
document text
3. In the Standard Colors group, click the Light Green square, which is the fifth
square from the left.
4. Click a blank area of the document to deselect the text. The green shading is
applied to the paragraphs.
5. Save your changes to the document.
Formatting Professional Documents
In professional documents, use color and special fonts sparingly. The goal of letters,
reports, and other documents is to convey important information, not to dazzle the
reader with fancy fonts and colors. Such elements only serve to distract the reader from
your main point.
Andrew has found a great photo of a tree frog that he would prefer to use instead of
the photo of the parrot. You can easily replace the parrot photo with this new photo.
Inserting, Deleting and Resizing a Photo
To work with a photo or other type of picture in a document, you fi rst need to select
it. Once a photo is selected, the Picture Tools Format tab appears on the Ribbon, with
options for moving, resizing, editing, and formatting the photo with enhancements such
as adding a frame or changing its shape. To insert a new photo or other type of picture,
you use the Picture button in the Illustrations group on the Insert tab.
To delete the current photo and insert a new one:
1. Click the View tab, and then click the One Page button in the Zoom group so you
can see the entire document on the screen at once.
2. Click the parrot photo to select it. The squares and circles, called handles ,
that appear around the edge of the photo indicate the photo is selected. See
Figure 1-31. The Picture Tools Format tab also appears on the Ribbon.
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