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Inserting, Deleting and Resizing a Photo
Figure 1-31
Selected photo
Picture Tools Format tab
handles indicate
photo is selected
3. Press the Delete key. The photo is deleted from the document. The insertion point
blinks next to a paragraph symbol that is centered below the green shaded text.
You will insert the new photo in that paragraph.
4. Click the Insert tab on the Ribbon. The Ribbon changes to display the Insert
5. In the Illustrations group, click the Picture button. The Insert Picture dialog
box opens.
6. Navigate to the Word1\Tutorial folder included with your Data Files.
7. Click Frog to select the file. The name of the selected file appears in the File
name box.
8. Click the Insert button to close the dialog box and insert the photo. An image of
a frog appears in the document, centered below the text, as shown in Figure 1-32.
The photo is selected, as indicated by the border with handles that appears
around it. You can drag one of the circular handles to make the photo a little
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